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June 2020
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Why would you want to use managed print services?
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Well, for several reasons, but here are just four of the better ones:


1.     Managed print services save your company time and money. Yes, this is a fact. A good managed print services program will remotely monitor your printer fleet so you don’t have to. When ink or toner is low, a message is automatically sent to your provider. Automatic fulfillment is an option with many plans. And monitoring, supplies, and repair service on the equipment can all be included for one low monthly price.

2.     Higher employee efficiency, especially within IT. The IT Department already has enough to worry about and printer breakdowns are inconvenient, inopportune and take away from IT’s mission. In most cases, managed print programs are able to relieve IT of this responsibility for about the same price as the company is already paying to operate their printer fleet. Taking one more thing off their list will only make the department more efficient.

3.     No more printer crises. Companies with managed print services can’t even remember the last time a printer ran out of ink or toner right before a deadline. The monitoring service always makes sure your printer has ink or toner BEFORE you run out.

4.     Zero waste. When you use managed print services through B2B Direct, 100% of the managed print services printer cartridges are returned and fully reused and recycled leaving zero waste. And let’s face it, less waste is better.


Managed print services is the way of the future for companies and their printing needs. So get involved by contacting B2B Direct and start the newest and easiest way to print yet. We will craft a custom program that fits the needs of your company. Proposals, as always, are free. 



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